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Dream Vision Design

Making Dreams Come True

attics, additions...

basements and kitchens...

Call: 781 330 3384

The Story

Who We Are

Justin Bernard is the owner, designer and craftsman who is the face of DVD. Justin's experience encompases mostly residential and some commercial building industry trades. Justin has earned certifications in 3D Design and Animation, Computer Graphics, Advanced Internet Multimedia, Electronic Sensory Circuits diagnostics, Hydraulic Diagnostics, and Mechanical Diagnostics. Justin also has 16 years of experience working directly for top companies from Toronto to North Carolina to New Jersey. Justin has been awarded for his artistic ability by "DOW Corning" and "Kendal College of Art and Design" and invited to CNN to discuss his engaging curriculum he designed for his students at P.C.C.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Albert Einstein.

I have learned success comes with communication, a plan, and someone honest and experienced to lead the way. I would like an opportunity to discuss, design, and develop your next project and provide innovative, dynamic, and logical solutions in order to exceed your dreams and always importantly to stay below budget!

Why Us

Dream Vision Design is an innovative, hand’s on design company looking to establish a new level of design and development. DVD’s promise to you is...a positive, and engaging process that will guide you from the conception all the way through completion of your home improvement project.